Lock & Dam 24 Lock Wall Major Rehabilitation

Installation of bulkhead recesses on the land-wall, intermediate wall, and river wall. Work included localized dewatering, multiple lock dewaterings, concrete removal and replacement, installation of concrete anchors and reinforcing, fabrication and installation of embedded recess assemblies, wall armor, and bulkhead recess protection plate assemblies; fabrication and installation of miter gate anchorage; fabrication and installation of miter gate pin plates; fabrication and installation of check-posts; fabrication and delivery of sill beams and appurtenances for future installation; installation of survey markers; dredging; handrail installation and relocation; concrete removal and complete re-facing of all lock walls; remove and replace all lock operating machinery; remove and replace all electrical conductors, controls and equipment; construction of a new tourist observation platform and associated paving and fencing. The project included several closures of the main lock and the associated scheduling challenges, including shift work.

Peak manpower on the project including subcontractors was 140 workers.

The project received the Mississippi Valley Conference partnering award.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – St. Louis District


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