Bridge Construction and Rehab Expertise that Spans Decades

From highway overpasses to railroad bridges and river bridges to harbor suspension bridges – Midwest Foundation has served clients on the Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers for several decades, delivering bridge construction projects in a variety of challenging environments on time and on budget.

In addition to new bridge construction, we have completed countless rehabilitation bridge projects from Northern Iowa all the way down to Texas. With todays’ aging infrastructure, having the knowledge and experience to return these highly valuable assets to like new condition is a critical skill.

From the bidding process to final bridge completion, Midwest has the people and equipment to efficiently rehabilitate aging structures. If the need is there, we’re experts in bridge demolition, too. More likely though, we can upgrade your structure and secure many more years of profitable use while you continue to operate your facility. Why replace when you can rehabilitate for a fraction of the cost?

Spotlight Project

Illinois Department of Transportation

IL 15 Wabash River Bridge