Versatile Dredging Solutions

Midwest Foundation’s large fleet of marine equipment is well suited for dredging on the inland river system or in land-locked waters. Midwest has material barges for river dredging and sectional barges for lakes and ponds dredging. Crawler cranes and hydraulic excavators can execute all types of mechanical dredging.

We provide comprehensive dredging services and can advise you on the most efficient, affordable method for your project. We perform silt and sediment removal and we can place dredged materials into holding areas or transport them by truck. Midwest even has experience hydraulically placing material into geotubes as part of a disposal system. Hydraulic cutterhead dredging can be used if your project benefits from this type of dredge selection. No matter your dredging needs, Midwest Foundation has just the right solution.

Spotlight Project

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Rock Island District

Peoria Riverfront Development (Ecosystem Restoration) Phases I & II