Equipment Rental

If you're looking for barges or cranes, you've come to the right place.

Our experts can help you find the right marine equipment and construction essentials that meet your needs and your budget. Our large inventory of sectional barges and crawler cranes are available for rent. The barge rental fleet consists of Flexifloat S-70 series 10x40x7, 10x20x7, and raked sections. Rendrag 10x40x5, 10x20x5, 10x10x5, and rake sections are also available. These barges alone or in combination with a crawler crane on deck make for a versatile and mobile work platform. Available crawler cranes range from 75 tons to 230 tons. Rental barges can be supplied with crane mats if needed for your specific project and we'd be happy to recommend and supply a full line of barges and cranes to fit your project needs or discuss our land and water transport options.

To learn more about renting any of our barges and cranes, call 309-925-2831 or email